Placebo Keen To Join British Rock Royalty

With their last album, their best selling to date (1.2 million worldwide), are keen on being considered to be part of British rock royalty. Their live show is darker and more dynamic, with more movement. “We’re a five piece now, with Bill whom we’ve known for a while, and Zav the keyboard player who we met on the set of Goldmine,” frontman Brian Molko explained to Australia’s Beat magazine. “It was an important decision because the music has become so complex and layered. If we hadn’t got the other two in, we’d look like a bunch of computer operators, and that’s not very rock and roll. It’s cool if you’re Kraftwerk. But we wanted to put on a bigger rock and roll show and became more exciting. It’s not exciting to watch people pushing buttons. The other two give me the freedom to perform. I can put the guitar down and work the crowd.”

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