Phantom Planet Explain Their Band Name

Phantom Planet band

Anthony Bromberg of the Daily Bruin spoke with the guys in ahead of their release of ‘The Guest’ yesterday. Drummer Jason Schwartzman explained how the band came up with their name: “To sum it all up, I believe they used a piece of fried chicken as a planet. It was all a mistake. Alex, he had this CD called ‘Neil Norman’s Science Fiction’s Greatest Hits,’ disco-ized versions of great sci-fi theme songs, and Alex loved this one song, he thought it was amazing. So, he called me and said, ‘This song is called ‘Phantom Planet Theme Song’ on here. It’s fu**ing awesome.’ So, we called the band Phantom Planet and then he counted down the CD case later on that week, and he miscounted and it was the ‘Godzilla Theme’ that he liked. So we got stuck with Phantom Planet. We couldn’t be called Godzilla now.” Read more.

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