Peter Criss: ‘I Don’t Need To Justify Gene Simmons’ Lies’

Former KISS drummer Peter Criss has slammed KISS bassist/vocalist over his allegations that Criss’ drug and alcohol abuse is the reason Criss is no longer a touring member of the group.

Writing to his official web site,, Criss said: “Some people love hearing themselves talk, Gene Simmons is one of them. I read online what he said to the Iowa and German press. Now let me tell you what’s really important. I have never been so happy in my whole life. I can finally be free to be an artist again.”

“I surround myself with people who love me and respect me. My endearing and supporting wife Gigi, true friends, and a loving family, and always God. If not for him there would be nothing. These are things that make me a rich man, Mr. Simmons.

“I sang and drummed my heart out on the Aerosmith tour, FACT. The really fans know that, END OF STORY. And I also missed Ace on the tour.

“I am in excellent health, wealthy and working on being wiser. I just wanted you fans to know that. I won’t even comment on what Mr. Simmons had to say, because it’s NOT TRUE, and I don’t need to justify his lies.

“The original band is over. And as a founding member I am not shocked at Gene and Paul turning a legendary band into a cover act for just plain profit, How very sad.

“But the crazy thing is? The fans will still follow because they are the real heart of KISS. I was proud to be a part of something that was once great.

“God Bless and good-bye to that part of my life.”

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3 thoughts on “Peter Criss: ‘I Don’t Need To Justify Gene Simmons’ Lies’

  1. Ron says:

    When I was young I hated KISS. I grew up a little and found that I loved KISS! I saw them on the reunion tour with Ace and Peter. They were amazing. I never thought I’d ever get the chance to see the original members play in concert!!! It was by far the best concert I ever saw. The music was KISS . . . simple yet rockin’, but the show was like no other that could be seen any where in the world. I wanted the best . . . and I got the best . . . the HOTTEST BAND in the WORLD!!! In my opinion Ace’s and Peter’s solo were the best of the group. Especially Peter Criss. His album had the most variety and best songs! The best songs on his album are the ones he had a hand in writing, though they are all good. I have an album that Criss did soon after KISS . . . it is quite good too!

  2. Marc Purello says:

    I have seen KISS in almost every incarnation since I was 16. Being a life long fan there is good to be said for all. I miss Ace & Peter, and I really wish that Paul and Gene, If they are going to keep KISS alive, at least give Tommy & Eric thier OWN characters.

    C’mon guys, it has been long enough.

  3. tc says:

    I started listening to kiss in 1974.i was 8 yrs old now I’m 48. kiss to me kiss will always be,paul,gene,peter and ace.they were the best and they wrote real kiss music. It all changed when the members changed.

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