Pete Wentz: There’s No Drive To Be Creative Right Now With Fall Out Boy

talked to NME backstage at Leeds festival, where the still groggy bassist discussed the future, taking a break from Fall Out Boy, the bad timing of their delayed ‘Folie à Deux’ release last year during the height of the global economic meltdown, possibilities of musical side project with the other guys but not him, and the set list.

“We will not continue doing Fall Out Boy until it’s just – we feel a drive to be creative again,” Wentz said. “There’s no drive to be creative right now, so there has to be something there. There’s plenty of bands that have taken time off and come back, and there’s plenty of bands that have taken time off and not come back. The ‘H’ word has not been thrown around – the ‘H’ word being hiatus, so not a hiatus.”

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