Pete Wentz Reacts To Fall Out Boy Receiving No Grammy Nominations

In reacting to news Fall Out Boy received no Grammy nominations on Thursday, the band’s bassist and spokesmodel expressed his disappointment in a posting on the band’s official blog at

Got bitterness? vs. a revelation on true connection (and the award goes to).

The first reaction is jealousy mixed with a slight sense of entitlement. We just want to be a part of your club. We feel like the orphans in the movie the warriors, when we are just dying to be the baseball furies. The truth be told though when you explore it further than that you realize much more. Other than the fact that we play the events for you and the right parties all the time (which is a bit embarrassing either for you or us, not sure which, possibly both. It’s kind of like being invited to a birthday party and then not allowed to eat the cake). It shouldn’t mean much. (Almost) no one in this industry has vision beyond the fear that this week is their last paycheck. We want our songs to be immortal and a statue doesn’t do anything to help them live forever. It is the people that live and die with them in their ears and throats that give them life. We won’t lie to you, accolades from our peers feel great. However, a fifty year old white man shouldn’t decide whether we are relevant or not – and he doesn’t. We wanted to thank you for making us feel relevant – for sitting up all night to get into our shows and for buying our music. It means more in the wake of moments like this. We know who we are based on those who would walk through hell with us. This is not a disappointment, rather a revelation on what is truly important. Thanks.

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