Pete Wentz: Obama’s No Longer The Underdog

shared his thoughts on the challenges Barack Obama faces as U.S. President now that he’s no longer perceived as an underdog, a challenge Pete says he has experienced. The Fall Out Boy bassist writes:

As he begins to translate campaign promises into actual leadership and the business of governing, Obama now has an interesting challenge. Much like an indie filmmaker or an underground rock band, he was an underdog and he had the people’s support because of it. Everyone was rooting for him as they would David in his battle against Goliath. America loves an underdog. The Cubs are living proof of that.

But a funny thing happens when the underdog wins (trust me on this one, I have scratched and won one of the biggest lottery tickets that a goofy little Midwestern guy like me can get away with). The elation is high, but so are the expectations. Now there is a rapt audience. There is a microphone hissing, and feedback. When that happened before it was quaint and authentic. Now it’s annoying and unprofessional. Now the challenges that our nation faced in November have been compounded. There is a recession, there is war, there is a mounting unemployment rate. And there is history to be made. Now he’s no longer the underdog. He’s the leader of the free world with big ideas and big responsibilities. Now everyone expects results.

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