Pete Wentz Lashes Out At Bully Perez Hilton Over Bronx Post

was spotted taking his son Bronx Mowgli to a park on Thursday (January 14) in New York City. The photo of crying Bronx prompted gossip blogger Perez Hilton to write:

Did little Bronx Mowgli just realize his dad is douchey Pete Wentz?! The father-son duo were spotted taking a walk around the streets of New York. Poor baby! We’d be crying, too!

That in turn caused the Fall Out Boy bassist to respond:

I don’t care what you say about me or really anyone one else. But don’t talk about my kid. The love I have for him is something that will make me go against all odds. Yes, guess what, a one year old cries when he leaves the park. But he is not as bloated or mean spirited as you a 30 year-old former closeted bully. Say it again. Slip up one time. It won’t be on the internet. I will make you less than what you are. I will break you and you won’t know it’s me. This is physical. Mental. And spiritual. I have an on/off switch for animals that will make you beg for the chance to say you’re sorry. You will not get near my son.

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