Pete Wentz Fires Back At “Cut The Political Crap” Critique

Fall Out Boy bassist blogged on his official web site about a critic’s review of their recent concert, which was panned because of its political overtones. Wentz writes:

The only thing I take offense at from this review is “cut the political crap” and the idea that our fans are either too young or too stupid to get it. When we were planning this tour it began with the idea that we wanted to keep the ticket price low. We understand in a recession that the first thing people cut from their lives are the arts: concerts, movies, etc. That was our only goal. Then when flying to Europe I read a piece on Madoff in Vanity Fair I believe. My mind was blown. Not because of what he had done. Anyone who doesn’t live under a rock knows about AIG, Madoff, corporate bailouts etc. But this article humanized issue for me. It showed how this guy stabbed his friends in the back. How he turned everyone over. It made me think of people who lost their jobs or their homes. But not in some CNN way, more those people are real they aren’t just a statistic. This is when we decided to incorporate this idea into a show. We created a fake firm MV and P ( We created alter egos. We just felt like because we had this stage it was our responsibility to speak to something we believe in.

Check out the entire message here.

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