Pete Wentz Apologizes For Fall Out Boy NY Sing Along

blogged about Fall Out Boy’s failed effort to perform a free show in New York City in support of their new album ‘Folie A Deux’, apologizing for those who came out to only be able to participate in a sing-along, since the band apparently faced arrest if they used instruments. The bassist writes:

I genuinely feel sorry that we weren’t able to play today. They said if we picked up a guitar we would be sorry. Patrick said it best ‘it felt like the Grinch and the Whos’. But we knew this probably was gonna happen. We didn’t go through the proper process cause we wanted it to be free and fun and spontenious. So it was our fault. Anyway, thanks for singing with us. Well make it up to you. it means alot that you even showed up.

Watch the sing-along to ‘Where Is Your Boy Tonight’, which Pete notably didn’t participate in, below.

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One thought on “Pete Wentz Apologizes For Fall Out Boy NY Sing Along

  1. Laura says:

    It was NYC, not Washington.

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