Pete Townshend Reviews Kurt Cobain’s ‘Journals’

Pete Townshend, lead guitarist of , reviewed Kurt Cobain’s ‘Diaries’, likely because he is called out by Kurt in the book. “I hope I die before I become Pete Townshend,” Kurt wrote. Pete said, “Why? Because I had become a bore? Because I had failed to die young? Because I had become conventional? Or, simply because I had become old? In fact, in 1993, by the time Kurt was struggling with himself over whether or not to do an interview with Rolling Stone magazine, I was not boring, neither old nor young, and I was not dead. I was, unlike Kurt Cobain, hardened. Tempered, beaten and subjugated by all that rock had delivered to me and via me over the past thirty years. Rock is, I think, particularly hard. And in this statement Cobain appears to be hard on me. But perhaps he is sad for me?”

He later opined, “It is terrible that someone so obviously sick, so mentally deranged, so angry and unstable, should not have been helped further and beyond his wonderful work with his band. It might be that those around him will maintain that these scribblings were private, and that at other times he kept such strange outpourings to himself.” Read more.

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