Pete Doherty Shares His Woes With Paparazzo

was spotted looking spaced out again with dark circles under his eyes, hiding behind a bush after leaving girlfriend Kate Moss’ North London home. When a Mavrix photographer spotted him, the Babyshambles singer jumped up and said “You found me!” and ran down the road. Then, Doherty abruptly turned around and got into the back of the snapper’s car and told him to “drive.” Once inside the car, a grubby Doherty made a couple of phone calls on the guy’s cell phone, explaining he had lost his. He went on to say, “No one understands me and Kate, we both want babies” and he “hates girls trying to look like Kate and that the world should walk to save the planet!” Pete also boasted that he is “going to be a bigger legend then Paul McCartney.” Mavrix has since removed the pictures.

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