Perry Felt Odd With Jane’s Addiction Reuniting At First

Beat magazine of Australia caught up with Jane’s Addiction frontman and interviewer Murray Engleheart seemed surprised he was returning to old group as his career since the band split has been characterized by being anything but regressive in approach. “Well, maybe at the start I might agree with you,” Farrell said. “At the start I felt it was kind of, it squeezed my stomach a little bit. But I did feel that if you put time and effort in trying to maybe bring it to a forward headspace that this would be a great situation because really the players are so amazing that I work with and everybody has matured to a better headspace. So let’s see if we can get these great talented people together again and work with a guy like Bob Ezrin who’s so adventurous and creative and let’s see if we can take it to that place where I think that you’re expecting us. You would expect nothing less.”

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