Perry Farrell: Jane’s Breakup Was A Mistake Of Sorts

Jane’s Addiction frontman is now willing to concede that breaking the band up was a mistake of sorts. “Well, you know, at the time I didn’t regret it,” he told Matt Ashare of the Boston Phoenix over the phone from his home in LA. “But looking back today, I can say that I probably do. The right thing to do would have been to confront each other and work through the problems we had back then. We weren’t good at confronting each other on things. You know, whispers, rumors, talking behind people’s backs. Throw the drugs, which I think were a major result of all that stuff, on top of all that and you’ve got trouble. Mostly it was just about lack of friendship and regard for each other. I mean, I didn’t even know these guys’ phone numbers, if you can believe that. And they didn’t know mine. They could have gotten hold of me and I could have gotten hold of them if I had wanted to. But we never called each other, as we do every morning now, just to say hello and check in. It’s just one of those things where people mature emotionally and you see what you’ve missed in your life and what you’ve potentially given up. It’s maybe like if you had a first love and you let her go but you still think about her. That’s what it was like with us.” The full story at has since been removed.

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