Perla Hudson Gets Stood Up By Slash On Valentine’s Day

Slash and Perla Hudson attend Clive Davis' 2010 Pre-Grammy Party

’s wife Perla Hudson wasn’t too happy with the Velvet Revolver guitarist over the weekend, since she was getting stood up on Valentine’ Day. Perla told her Twitter followers (@PerlaFHudson):

Been stood up on vday. Got a hotel for vday and fu**er says he has to go back to the studio. I know music is first but wtf! What about romance
On route to. A titty bar
I’m spending vday giving bitches$ to see their titties

The original image provided by Bauer Griffin has since been removed.

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One thought on “Perla Hudson Gets Stood Up By Slash On Valentine’s Day

  1. Joe says:

    Perla if your reading this,
    So sorry to hear the news,through it all I hope things
    get straightened out for you an Slash.
    I am a GNR Fan from way back,and I totally admire Slash.
    But I have to say Slash get it together,so many separations in this business.
    Perls is so beautiful how could you not wanna be with her on V Day.
    She is so exquisite, you may be making a mistake big time!
    I feel she’s one of the most exquisitely beautiful
    women of our time, bro, is it really worth it?
    A GNR Fan from your earliest works, Joe

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