Pearl Lowe Blasts Gavin Rossdale For Rejecting Their Daughter

In Pearl Lowe’s new memoir, the singer opens up about her ex , and how the former Bush frontman has turned his back on his teenaged Goddaughter, Daisy Lowe, after learning he was the father of the 18-year-old in 2004. “This guy’s a millionaire, he can at least give Danny [Lowe’s partner and Daisy’s father-figure] back the money he’s spent,” Lowe complained. “It’s been a traumatic time for us. I lost my best friend, Daisy lost her godfather and doesn’t have a dad. And she lost self-worth. Because when someone rejects you like that, you wonder what’s wrong with you… When he had his baby with Gwen, Daisy’s half-brother, he didn’t even tell her.” Read more. Check out the Myspace pages of Pearl and Daisy.

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One thought on “Pearl Lowe Blasts Gavin Rossdale For Rejecting Their Daughter

  1. Dail says:

    A tiny bit may be thanks to the fact Gavin had a not-so-good childhood and wanted his kids not to go through the same thing, but since that went out the window he’s probably not feeling the best. He doesn’t seem like a completely heartless person is all.

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