Pearl Jam Take Issue With Mark Brown Bush League Story

Responding to a live review stating that Eddie Vedder’s ritual impaling of a President Bush mask on his mike stand caused concertgoers to walk out in protest, has issued a statement through Epic giving its side of the story. “In ‘Concert-goers jam exits after anti-Bush display,’ an article written on April 3 by Mark Brown in the Rocky Mountain News, readers were led to believe a mass exodus took place,” the statement read in part. “It didn’t, which can best be ascertained by lack of any mention of it in the show reviews from the day prior, notably Mark Brown’s. Dissension is nothing we shy away from—it simply should be reported more accurately. Ed’s talk from the stage centered on the importance of freedom of speech and the importance of supporting our soldiers, as well as an expression of sadness over the public being made to feel as though the two sentiments can’t occur simultaneously.”

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