Peaches Fu**s Around With The Father Of Punk Rock

Peaches recently spoke with on her collaboration with on the song ‘Kick It’, which is featured on her new album, ‘Fatherfu**er’. She says, “Iggy, he’s totally from the gut. I asked him to do the song because he told me that he covered my song ‘Rock Show.’ He was like [assumes a deep baritone] ‘Yeah man, I bum-rushed your album!’ I was like, ‘OK, but now you have to be on my next album.’ He said, ‘Fine, just write something for me. I trust you.’ So, I went on the computer and read every lyric he’s ever written. That’s when I realized how from the gut he really is. Then I got to record with him. What a fu**ing honor!” has since removed the article.

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