Paul Stanley: I Don’t Wear A Wig

Christie Eliezer of Australia’s Beat magazine caught up with KISS frontman and bravely asked if he wears a wig. “No. But it’s interesting when I hear things like that,” Stanley responded. “It goes back to a superficial sense of what makes rock credible. That’s why the Kurt Cobains and Keith Richards are so appealing to a critic. They think they’re the real thing. You lie vicariously through them until they kill themselves. So if someone is bald and wears a wig, they can’t be the real thing. Or you can’t play great rock if you’re rich. These are creeds started by frustrated journalists!”

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31 thoughts on “Paul Stanley: I Don’t Wear A Wig

  1. spike14501 says:

    Paul is a liar. He & Gene Simmons have been wearing hair pieces for over 20 years now.

  2. KISSfreak'07 says:

    I don’t think Paul has any need to wear a wig. Unlike Gene who over did it with the hair spray in the 70’s. I think Paul is just one of those lucky guys with all his hair still.

  3. Roar says:

    spike14501 Paul is not a liar, he cut his hair short to play Phantom of the Opera and wore a wig once cause his hair was short. You are just an idiot. Gene had surgery and wore a wig to cover what they did, and now what you see today is the results. Sorry to burst your bubbles you tabloid loving losers.

  4. Catman says:

    Gene’s hair off stage is real..probably the result of transplants. He has extra pieces added for on stage to give length & the top knot..that’s so obvious. Paul I think wears various top pieces over his own hair. His on stage & off stage hair styles are so different that it makes it obvious. However how they are attached is very good to be able to stand up to the rigors of performing. Really though..what does all this matter?? They are still KISS!! Millions of men & women wear wigs or hairpieces…who cares??

  5. spike14501 says:

    There you go. Even by your own admission, Paul wears a wig. He had a hair transplant many years ago but still wears a wig on stage when all “made up”.

  6. warrior says:

    Who gives a flying flick ..they suck as people –hairless or not… Kiss lost my respect when Paul became that other yutz’s bitch and both screwed over Ace and Pete..they’ve long since lost the Rock n Roll bones that it took to deliver truly digestible music like the cuts on the original albums with the original line up .. hairy or not the one they suckle on — is a big hairy one

  7. markde says:

    Roar is the idiot. If you can’t tell Paul wears a wig, then you are as gay as he is.

  8. Boxer Fame says:

    For those who question weather or not Paul wears a wig , the answer is simple. Yes. Clearly Paul wears a full head piece with make-up and without. So what? When performing with KISS the hair is as part of the overall look as is the costumes he wears. would you really want him to be in full make-up and gear on stage without the long black wavy locks? It’s no big deal. Paul is a PROFESSIONALLY PAID Entertainer , and as such must follow a certain set of guidelines to protect and maintain the IMAGE he created to entertain YOU ALL. He’s not at home right now changing diapers with the star painted on his face.
    Paul Stanley does what he does because the fans demand it. Period. And to you haters above, Your opinions are as valid as ours. Difference is , know one cares what you have to say , Especially Paul Stanley……

  9. KissFan says:

    There he is, no wig. Short hair. Does it change the way he sings? No. Does it change the way he plays? No. Does it change our love for KISS? Nope. Let it go.

  10. Philip says:

    So they are getting old some people there age lose there hair. Who really cares, they still kick ass.

  11. Keith Wells says:

    I would pay to see KISS do a blue jean tour. No make up. Doing greatest hits. And talking about life. Or how about a dressed to kill tour wearing business suits? Cool. Or what about a Broadway show based on KISS songs? YES! Or what about a shaved head tour, wear they all shaved their heads? I think they should release a punk album. What about a switch make up tour? Where the switch make up designs. Or what about a tour where they play songs written by other bands…..I have all kinds of good ideas.

  12. john says:

    Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons BOTH wear “wigs”. Gene had a receding hairline and thinning hair in the seventies for Christ sake. You can look at Paul’s hair and tell all of it is not his own, although he did have about the most hair in the world when he was younger. I honestly don’t know why men who are that old feel the need to pretend like they aren’t like everyone else and that they have lost(Gene), or have lost some(Paul) of their hair. Gene is self-serving, selfish dipsh**, Paul is great.

  13. Desmond says:

    Well, you need to decide what you’re talking about. Asking if they wear wigs on stage as part of the KISS look or if they wear wigs in general because they’re bald. The entire KISS look is one of makeup and costumes and so naturally they wear wigs to complete the classic KISS persona. That’s a separate issue than asking if they’re bald and wear wigs in their day to day lives.

  14. star child says:

    First off…Kieth, not one of those ideas are good. and second off…..EVERYONE in here needs to go get a life!

  15. Josiah says:

    I love that linked picture from KissFan. Paul looks like an old Jewish woman from Queens going to play canasta. Just goes to show that fame and gross fortune on the backs of Gentiles doesn’t prevent an old swollen face.

  16. daveh says:

    Bad looking ridiculous wigs both on and off the stage. Hope this helps.

  17. Big Wynn says:

    Paul and Gene made rock what it is today and they are still the best band in the world

  18. Rod says:

    Paul has cut his hair short a few times over the years. I have met him and he does have full thick hair. He may add extensions for length on tour. Just because you’re older doesn’t mean you’re bald. I’m 53 and play in a rock band here in Colorado, and my hair is almost halfway down my back.

  19. Will Milano says:

    On Gene with plugs, the hair technology is so good now that there is n way he has a transplant-I have friends with the lateral incision and it rocks/is permanent. Just wanted to comment-Gene isn’t an asshole. In the 1970s he was DEMON, he is just playing a character-he’s the Ted DeBiase of rock now. The “bad guy”. It works for him, he succeeds. Remember the quote, “the key to success is to offend the greatest number of people” and most of you are bagging Gene on here the question is of Paul. Gene succeeded.

  20. Tim Martin says:

    It’s hard to say. Paul got his hair cut a while back, but on stage it’s still long as ever. Gene’s looks a lot shorter on his A&E show, so my guess is hair extensions. Maybe wigs for the stage. But hell, they are getting older and we all know a lot of guys start losing their hair a lot sooner than these guys did.

  21. KCKaos says:

    Paul Stanley being allegedly gay, bald, or whatever… Who really cares?
    He and the other band members of KISS are rock ‘n roll icons. They
    Always will be. To denigrate any of them is very disrespectful.
    In the 70’s they were accused of being Satanists….
    If you don’t like their music, then don’t listen to them but don’t be
    To all of you stone throwers: where are your platinum albums?

  22. the big dawg says:

    Leave all the kiss members alone…of course they wear hair pieces and makeup to cover their age and loss of hair….could you imagine what they would look like on stage if they didn’t doll up for the show…good grief what a site that would be.

  23. funny says:

    I’m baffled that people assume that aging means hair loss. my dad is over 80 and still has a full head of hair that hasn’t thinned or anything. not all men go bald!

  24. steventylenol says:

    why Gene Simmons isn’t wearing a hairpiece at all..its really a black chia pet on top of his head….funn though,,,if anybody else was sporting that hairdoo,,,people would make fun of them till the cows come home and girls would laff like crazy…….that’s why women are so full of sh**

  25. Steven Tylenol says:

    Ahhh-Kiss,,the worlds greatest $hittie$t rock n roll band,,,yeah thats right,,they $uck,,,,,,,,

  26. andrew michael blake says:

    Paul has just had a few hair transplants. you can have up to 4 seperate procedures.they dont need to wear wigs in normal everyday life coz they can afford to have alot of hair transplants. Gone are the days of javing to wear wigs..dont be foolish aint the 70s

  27. andrew michael blake says:

    Paul has just had a few hair transplants. you can have up to 4 seperate procedures.they dont need to wear wigs in normal everyday life coz they can afford to have alot of hair transplants. Gone are the days of wearing wigs. it isnt the 70s..

  28. Gino says:

    i dont know if he wears a wig or not , but my father is several years older than him , as is his brother and both have full heads of thick hair.still combing it into pompadours as well. uncle is grey and my dad has been solid white over a decade, buts it’s real hair. so there’s no reason to doubt Paul Stanley’s hair just because he is sixty plus years old.

  29. Paul says:

    I think Paul wears a wig on-stage. In his personal life his hair is more brown and shorter. On-stage it is longer and black. I don’t care if he does wear a wig or not. I just want to know where to get his stage wig instead of the really cheap knock-offs.

  30. LaGina says:

    I wonder if Gene Simmons pubic bush is really kinky and fuzzy like his head hair?

  31. DaveH says:

    Years later since the original post, and these naive moronic debates about a guy that CLEARLY has been wearing various hairpieces offstage for YEARS are still unintentionally hilarious.

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