Patrick’s Open Letter Response To Durst’s Open Letter

After Fred Durst clarified earlier this week that his interview with Playboy magazine had 18 month old quotes about Christina Aguilera and ’s Richard Patrick, the Filter frontman responded to the call for peace. Patrick said, “I am definitely willing to put this behind us. When I hugged you at Puddle of Mudd, I could feel love from the both of us, and I’d rather feel that than feel hurt.” Still, he thinks Durst should think twice before engaging in battles using the media. “I understand the lead time with the interview but they still printed it,” he said. “So being a man, I stood up for myself and I publicly said that you should seek help. I’ve also seen you say wonderful things about me, which I’m so grateful for, but I think you need to stop using the press as a therapeutical way of dealing with your problems.”

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