Patrick Stump Comments On Death Of Casey Calvert

frontman Patrick Stump sent out a message to regarding the deaths of Kanye West’s mother Donda and Casey Calvert of . “You know, to be frank I didn’t know Casey very well,” Stump writes. “I have far reaching memories of him in the early days when we played a comic book shop together. We talked hardcore and laughed about Kiss makeup. Then on that tour we did together I remember him being simply genuine, always pleasant, always kind. Now, I’m sure no one needs another arrogant rock star prattling on about how the world done him wrong and all, but I’m pissed that Casey’s not here anymore. I’m pissed because I think I took him for granted a little. Pissed at myself. Cause every band we’ve had the luxury of touring with I’d say with maybe one or two exceptions, are all people I’ve really liked and if you don’t ever tell those people it can be too late.” Read more.

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