Papa Roach’s Buckner Lashes Out At ‘Little Fu**er’ Pete Wentz

drummer Dave Buckner and bassist Tobin Esperance took part in a Q&A with, where Dave was asked for his thoughts about bands such as Fall Out Boy and My Chemical Romance. “I love My Chemical. Fall Out Boy, there’s a little bit of an issue between me and ,” he responded. “Oh yeah. That motherfu**er better hope he can afford security his whole life ‘cos I will be there the day he’s not there. I will be there, around the corner, ready to mop the floor with his fu**ing little ass.” He added, “Yeah. I love My Chem, and I love the rest of Fall Out Boy, but Pete Wentz… little fu**er.” Asked what about Wentz annoys him, he responded, “Oh he’s a fu**ing ponce.” has since shut down.

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