Papa Roach Previews Fans On Short Tour

frontman Jacoby Shaddix has posted the following message on the band’s official web site: “Ready to rock. What’s up, world? It’s Jacoby just checking in! We just got done mixing the record and it’s awesome. we worked with Chris Lord Alge. He mixed bands like P.O.D., Blindside, Billy Talent, AC/DC, Bad Religion, etc. so to put it short he rocks! He is a pretty funny guy. I’m glad its done. Now it’s time to submit the record to our label and see what they think. We are confident that they will love it! But now we have to wait until the record comes out so I’m trying to be constructive with my time. I’m going to get all trading spaces on our rehearsal spot and rock it out. I don’t know cool lights tapestrys a stripper pole. Oopppsss did I just say that out loud! I’m getting into doing some art. Also i just learned how to do stenciling. It’s fu**ing rad. Check out stencil I am also planning on doing some calouges. We are going to try and write some new songs in our down time. I just got the itch to just get all punk rock Van Gogh and sh** aaahhh! I’m going crazy I need to get on stage! I cant explain to you how much I love doing what I do. Oh ya, I almost forgot. We going to short exclusive run in March with Die Trying and another band from Sacto called Still Life Projector. These shows will be small so be sure to keep checking back for ticket info. It will start in Northern Cali and end up March 19th in Austin, Texas. We’re gonna go keep it real. I can’t wait. We are all going to do South By Southwest music conference in Austin, Texas together! Yo, I got to go!”

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