Papa Roach Frontman Posts Message To Fans

singer Jacoby Shaddix has posted the following message on the band’s official web site:

“Was up, kids. It’s Jacoby aka Johnny Vodka aka Coby Dick! How ya doin’? I’m doing good, just singin’ my ass off. I’m so excited about this record, I’m singin’ better than ever. I just finished vocals on this song, ‘Done With You’. It’s really good, kind of punky and really emotional. I think you guys will really like the direction of the new stuff. We were going to title the record ‘Dancing In The Ashes’ but we might change it to ‘Getting Away With Murder’. We have a cool art direction for ‘Getting Away With Murder’. After we are done with the record I’m going to record with my side project Fight The Sky. It’s just straight metal hardcore all screamy and sh**! That will be out on [Papa Roach’s label imprint] El Tonal [Records]! As y’all can tell, we are some busy mofos, so I gots to run!”

According to a separate post on Papa Roach’s web site, “Things here at the studio are awesome, the guys have done most of the initial tracking [for the new album], Jacoby has been doing vocals for about two weeks. Last week we took a break and did rehearsals for [the band’s appearance at] the Smokeout [festival]. Three new songs were premiered for those in attendance, ‘Just Go’, ‘Done With You’ & ‘Getting Away With Murder’. Over all, the show was great, Hatebreed, Superjoint Ritual, Body Count among others played great sets. It reminded us of doing a show in Amsterdam… All that weed makes the audience kind of mellow… Jacoby managed to get the energy level up with a couple of visits too the barricade… This just made everyone anxious to get back out on the road, so big thank you to everyone who came out to the show especially all the P-Roach fans up front singin’ along showin’ their support!”

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