Pamela Explains Getting Hepatitis From Tommy Lee

Pamela Anderson gave the most complete explanation, from her standpoint, of the hepatitis C disease she acquired and how she says she got it from former husband . Pam explains, “He put it out in the press. He leaked it to the press to make me look like… He gave it to me and he knows he gave it to me. When we were married in Cancun, we came back and we both had physicals. We had AIDS tests. And he had hepetitis C. Our doctor told him to disclose that to me, and so Tommy said he would. Then he told the doctor that he did tell me. He never told me. Then we went on vacation and shared a needle for a tattoo. The guy said, ‘I only brought one needle, but you guys are married, nothing could pass between you, right?’ And Tommy goes, ‘No, no problem.’ I went to the doctor. I had hepatitis C. My doctor goes, ‘Well, you know where you got it.’ And I went, ‘No.’ And he goes, ‘You got it from your husband,’ and I was like, ‘What?’ He asked, ‘Tommy didn’t tell you that he had hepatitis C?'”

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