Pamela Anderson’s Bombshell

Jimmy Kimmel joked during his Jimmy Kimmel Live monologue on Tuesday night, “Today was a big day in celebrity couple news. A bombshell on Pamela Anderson’s website this morning. Pamela says she’s getting married to next week. True. I guess they’ve seen each other’s videos and have mutual respect. … They dated a couple years ago. Unless she’s joking or meets somebody else er the weekend, the plan is for them to get married a week from now in France. So, finally some good news. Good, crazy news. But, by the way, if Kid Rock gets married, this could be the first bachelor party viewable from space. … I’m keeping my fing fingers crossed for this one. Pamela Anderson, she’s got four guys. And she keeps dating and marrying the same ones over and again. I believe if this keeps up, it’s only a matter of time, until Kid Rock and wind up tying the knot.”

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