Pamela Anderson Vs. Tommy Lee Divorce Gettin’ Even Uglier

National Enquirer reports sources close to are complaining that Pamela Anderson’s recent claim of physical abuse and molestation against their children Brandon and Dylan was a coached attempt by Pamela to gain sole custody of the children. A friend blasted, “Pam is hell-bent on marrying rapper and taking her boys to Micigan. And the only way she can make that wish come true is by getting full custody of Brandon and Dylan.” Meanwhile, Pamela’s spokeswoman replied to the countercharge saying, “Pam did not coach any of the boys to make up anything about abuse by Tommy Lee. Pam sticks by all her statements.”

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One thought on “Pamela Anderson Vs. Tommy Lee Divorce Gettin’ Even Uglier

  1. Mary says:

    I’d say, since the boys are young, they need their mother. For attention, affection, and guidance. I’m not saying, a man couldn’t give that, but it is known, that mothers have a way with their children. She seems like she knows her limitations and expectation and will have some good solid ground. Be dependable and reliable. Be there for her kids 24/7. I love Tommy but he’s a guy. Commitment hasn’t really been prove, besides dedication to his music of course, and knocking up his ex-wife, abusing alcohol. Their sons, Dylan and Brandon don’t need to be exposed to that trash. And well I understand they are boys they’ll want a dad round to play catch with, wrestle, and watch sports. They will need a father figure, but won’t have one around. It’s a shame that things between Tommy and Pam couldn’t work out. Pamela Anderson is an extraordinary woman. I believe she has a lot to offer. I believe things sill could work out between the 2. If there’s a will there is a way. She has achieved many great awards and has been recognized throughout the media. Dedicating her time to her 2 sons, she is fully capable of doing. As for Tommy, I think he needs to get his sh** straight, man up, go take a few classes, prove that he’ll do anything, no matter what it is, to keep his overall health in check. Be stabilized. And in control of his consumption with alcohol and go to an anger class there’s nothing wrong with it. If Pam suggests it, well, just give it a try, whats the worst that could happen? You punch the guy cause he’s messing with your head? You get sh** talked about you? Well, look in the long term, you’ll be safe, and you’ll be able to see your boys, be the dad you need to be.

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