Pamela Anderson Phones The Howard Stern Show

Howard Stern had Pamela Anderson on the phone this morning on his radio show and asked her why she’s shocked when she goes out with someone like or and then everyone wants to know about it. Howard told her that she brought them through the whole relationship so she should talk about the break-up with Kid Rock. Howard said he heard that Pam was messing around with Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst and Kid Rock found out about it. Pam said that’s not what happened and she has only spoken to him. She met him at this Playboy party she was at and that was it. Howard went on to talk about how cool Kid Rock was about Pam and how in love he seemed to be when he was with her. Pam said that Tommy Lee is the father of her kids and will always be in her life. Howard seems to think that she’s back together with Tommy but she said she’s not. She said she’s got ‘Stripperella’ coming out on TNN tonight and this Tommy Lee/Kid Rock thing is getting in the way.

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