The Color And Sound Join Working Group Artist Management Roster

The Color and Sound

Boston indie rockers The Color and Sound have joined the New York-based Working Group Artist Management roster (Allison Weiss, Never Shout Never, Man Overboard, The Ready Set). The band, featuring Chris, Ally, Nick, Joe, Steve, and Christen, recently released their EP available for download/stream below.

Skillet Discuss New Album ‘Rise’, Band Name Origin

Skillet Walmart singing

Skillet performed a special live acoustic set for Walmart Soundcheck in support of their latest album ‘Rise’. The Memphis, Tennessee rock group also sat down for an interview, discussing current events, experimenting with their sound, and the making of their ninth studio album.

On Their Sound: “We are a hard rock band. What Skillet does is we combine the very aggressive sounds and aggressive performances with…almost like pop song structures.”

On New Album Inspiration: “The idea for the album rise came from everyday events that all of us watched on TV. There’s always another tragic thing happening but I wanted to make a record that people could rock out to but would also say yes, all these terrible things are happening, but let’s find that we can rise above all of this stuff that is holding us captive and all the darkness that we see.”

On How the Band Got Its Name: “It was actually my pastor funny enough. He said, ‘You know what the band is? It’s like taking all these different ingredients out from other bands and throwing it all in a big skillet. You should call the band Skillet, that would be funny.'”

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Paramore ‘Still Into You’ Video Behind The Scenes

Paramore 'Still Into You'

A behind the scenes look at the making of the music video for Paramore’s new single ‘Still Into You’, from the Franklin, Tennessee rock group’s self-titled fourth album, has been posted online. The clip features commentary from Hayley Williams, Jeremy Davis and Taylor York.

Explaining the songwriting process, Hayley said, “When we got to the chorus, I remember asking Taylor, is this too poppy? I feel like can I do this? Can I say it like this or can I sing it like this? I just remember Taylor being like, ‘Do you like it?’. I was like, ‘I love it!’ Then he said, ‘Who cares, just do it anyway’. That’s sort of a testement to how the entire writing and recording process went. If we liked something and we believed in it, then we did it. We haven’t backed down because it was different.”

Watch the clip via YouTube below and check out a few more pictures from the video set after the cut.


Taproot East Coast Tour Dates


Taproot have announced a brief tour of the East Coast that begins this Friday (February 22) in Riverview, Michigan, stopping in ten cities. The Michigan rock band, featuring Stephen Richards, Mike DeWolf, Phil Lipscomb and Nick Fredell, celebrated their fifteenth anniversary together with last April’s release of their sixth studio album ‘The Episodes’, a concept LP that the band had been working on for close to six years.

Taproot Tour Dates:
Feb. 22 – Riverview, MI at The Crimson Lounge
Feb. 23 – Toledo, OH at Headliners
Feb. 25 – Reading, PA at Reverb
Feb. 27 – West Greenwich, RI at Rock Junction
Feb. 28 – Dover, NH at The Dover Brickhouse
Mar. 1 – Bristol, CT at Bleachers
Mar. 2 – Pennellville, NY at Monirae’s
Mar. 3 – Utica, NY at The Uptown Theatre
Mar. 5 – Hagerstown, MD at Breakways II
Mar. 6 – Vienna, WV at Fishbone Gill N Grill

‘If I Lose Myself’ Is About Ryan Tedder’s Fear Of Flying

OneRepublic 'If I Lose Myself' behind the scenes

OneRepublic is out with behind the scenes footage from their ‘If I Lose Myself’ music video, where Ryan Tedder, flanked by his bandmates Zach Filkins, Brent Kutzle, Drew Brown and Eddie Fisher, talked about the meaning of the song featured on their upcoming third studio album ‘Native’ (Interscope).

“‘If I Lose Myself’ even though it sounds like this euphoric let’s go crazy tonight song, it’s actually about my buried, latent fear of flying and going down on an airplane, waking up on an airplane and finding out you’re actually going down, and having that moment of sheer panic, looking out the window, seeing your life pass before you, and then somehow finding comfort in the fact that the person sitting next to you is experiencing the same traumatic event,” Tedder explained. “If it’s someone you know or you love then it’s like, well, at least if I lose myself at least it’s with you by your side. It’s kind of a morbid concept, but that’s truthfully where the song came from. But it feels like it’s a celebration of the moment, so in a way that’s what it is. Celebrate now because you only have 60 seconds left.”

As for the concept of the Michael Mueller directed video, Tedder said, “I don’t want to give too much away, other than to say the video storyline was inspired by ’12 Monkeys’ and one of the scenes from ‘The Matrix’, follow the white rabbit. Of course the end, we wanted to have this experience where we’re in the middle of a flash mob kind of concert, but it’s not a typical concert because we’re actually part of the crowd.”

Watch it via VEVO below.

Lower Lands ‘Socialise With Closed Eyes’ Video

Lower Lands 'Socialise With Closed Eyes' music video featuring Benji Inkley, Paul Howells, Jacob Jarvis and Sam Girling

Lower Lands are out with the music video to their new single ‘Socialise With Closed Eyes’, off the Leeds, England alternative rock group’s ‘Growing Pains’ EP, out now on I Am Mighty Records.

“This song is a letter to a Someone who stopped being a friend because they let things in life get on top of them and they stopped listening to others around them and started just pitying themselves,” band members Benji Inkley, Paul Howells, Jacob Jarvis and Sam Girling said. “It’s sort of a last resort wake up call from us to them. It’s also sort of a good guide to ‘how to be a bad friend’ by Lower Lands! Do all these things, and people will 100% guaranteed think you’re not a fun person to hang out with.”

As for the track’s video, they stated, “The video is kind of our take on the whole reservoir dogs thing. It’s like ‘what if we took this open letter to this person, but then kidnapped them and read it directly to them?’ We wanted to keep it light though to match the vibe of the song so we brought in the humor element with some ridiculous torture methods going on and they seemed to really work because by the end of the video our boy’s nothing if not compliant! Filming in suits, although it looks badass, was a pain. We had to do loads of running and LOADS of performance takes with the hot sun beating down on our adonis-like figures. So things got a little bit sweaty out on the locations, but we had bottles of water at the ready etc. We shot the video with Oh My Dog! films and it was an absolute pleasure. The guys were all really professional, had loads to input in the video and even brought us some lovely food to keep us going throughout the pretty much half marathon we ran to get that 10 seconds of a chase scene! We put so much thought and effort into this video and really wanted to step things up in terms of production value, storyline and the song in general so we really hope you enjoy it. Peace!”

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Theory Of A Deadman On ‘The Truth Is…’, Howard Benson & Milestones

Theory Of A Deadman perform for T-Mobile Monthly 4G

Theory Of A Deadman performed tracks from their latest record ‘The Truth Is…’, live from the Boulder Theatre in Boulder, Colorado for Walmart Soundcheck presented by T-Mobile Monthly 4G. The six-song set included ‘Gentleman’, ‘All or Nothing’, ‘Out of My Head’, ‘Lowlife’, ‘Santa Monica’ and ‘Hurricane’.

During an interview, Tyler Connolly, Dave Brenner, Dean Back and Joey Dandeneau talked about the story behind the album title, staying with Howard Benson on the project, the story behind ‘Gentleman’, working with 3 Doors Down on The Better Life Foundation, the story behind the ‘Hurricane’ music video, what they learned touring with Motley Crue and 3 Doors Down, and their career milestones.

Talking about the album title, Tyler explained, “‘The Truth Is…’ is the first time out of our four records that we named the album for a song title. The songs on the record were kind of just truths. For me lyrically I kind of go above and beyond, maybe below what people say in songs. Sometimes I’ll hear a song on the radio and I’ll be like ‘c’mon, go for it!’ Just say what you want to say. I think on this record a lot of people were saying, ‘Wow, you sound so bitter.’ I’m not necessarily bitter, just truthful I think. There’s a lot of truth in this record.”

On sticking with the same producer, Dave said, “We’ve been with Howard Benson for three records now. We decided to stick with him for ‘The Truth Is…’. I think for a few reasons. One is we like working with him and his team. It’s familiar and comfortable for us and also we’ve had great success working with him and we feel why mess with stuff while it’s working. So Howard, we’ll consider you for the fifth if he plays his cards right.”

On the ‘Hurricane’ video, Tyler said, “I had this idea that I wanted to be on top of a mountain, have an eagle on each hand, and I want to fly. I don’t know, it wasn’t in the budget. We always look for something interesting and new and different, and this was the first video we ever did where there wasn’t a band performance, which I’m sure the guys all liked. They didn’t have to fly out and play on top of a mountain. It turned out great. It turned out a lot better than I thought it would.”

Talking about their career milestones in the band, Dave said, “I feel like it’s been ten years of these moments. You come out being a bunch of kids that don’t know what the heck to expect and what’s going on, and all of the sudden your first week of record sales comes back and we sell like 13,000. I remember not being able to fathom how many people that was. We had played for 30 people. So it’s just been one milestone after another. We’re a band that really sets goals for ourselves, so achieving the goals is an important part of setting them. If you never achieve them you can never set new ones, so yeah it’s been 10 years of milestones for us.”

The performance and interview at has since been removed. Check out additional pictures from their appearance after the cut. (more…)

The Raveonettes Perform At Sonos Studio In LA

Sune Rose Wagner and Sharin Foo of The Raveonettes perform at Sonos Studio (Michael Buckner - Wireimage)

The Raveonettes guitarist Sune Rose Wagner and bassist Sharin Foo presented their sixth studio album ‘Observator’ during an exclusive live acoustic performance and Q&A session at Sonos Studio in Los Angeles on October 9th. The event was presented by Sonos and VICE magazine and featured the Danish duo taking part in a discussion that was moderated by Nic Harcourt. Wagner and Foo talked about their artistic vision and inspiration behind the music before a live set that featured a collection of tracks from the new release.

Sune Rose Wagner and Sharin Foo of The Raveonettes talk with Nic Harcourt at Sonos Studio (Michael Buckner - Wireimage)

Madison Rising Blast Dee Snider, Tom Morello Over Romney/Ryan Attacks

Patriotic rock band Madison Rising is firing back at rock artists such as Dee Snider of Twisted Sister and Tom Morello of Rage Against the Machine for their criticisms of the Mitt Romney presidential campaign for Mitt and his running mate Paul Ryan using their music on the campaign trail, suggesting that they are large beneficiaries of the capitalistic system embraced by the Republican ticket that has brought both musicians enormous personal wealth.

“I think American’s are getting really tired of the divisive undertones of all of these musicians and how they constantly attack anyone who supports the system they benefited from so much,” Rich Mgrdechian, Madison Rising’s manager, said in a press release. “It really is ironic how guys like Tom Morello, Bruce Springsteen, Dee Snider and all the other anti-American loudmouths have made an absolute fortune bashing capitalism. They clearly have no shame whatsoever. They’re capitalists, they’re artists, they’re musicians, they’re Americans – and so are we. The only difference is that we don’t try to hide it.”

The Wedding To Release New Album ‘No Direction’ September 25th

The Wedding band, featuring Matt Shelton, Trevor Sarver, Adam Thron, Matt Jameson and Cody Driggers

The Wedding have signed a deal with Tooth & Nail Records, who will release their label debut ‘No Direction’ on September 25th. The Fayetteville, Arkansas rock band first formed in 2008 and despite a few lineup changes, created a stir with their soaring rock anthems. The band hit its stride when frontman Matt Shelton, formerly of Letter Kills, joined the group.

On the album’s title, Shelton explains, “‘No Direction’ means cutting ties with the idea that you can prepare your life in such a way to keep you from danger. As C.S. Lewis said, it’s an illusion of safety. We are meant to live life unabashed and free, and this can only happen in the face of danger; which to most is the idea of not knowing where you are going. It is when we have No Direction at all and still we press on, trusting that the great unknown will be our rescue and not the demise we are so fearful of. We went into making this record with complete reckless abandon. We tried to write the record that we wanted and needed to hear.”

As for their new label home, Shelton said, “We are stoked to join the family at Tooth & Nail. It’s exciting to get to make the records we want to make with so many good friends.”

‘No Direction’ was produced by Jasen Rauch at Harker House Studios in Springfield, TN, and features guest vocals by Dan Marsala of The Story Of The Year on the track ‘The Lesser Worth’.

The Wedding are Shelton, Trevor Sarver (guitar), Adam Thron (guitar), Matt Jameson (drums) and Cody Driggers (bass).

The Wedding 'No Direction' album cover

‘No Direction’ Track Listing:
1. No Direction
2. The End
3. The Lesser Worth (feat. guest vocals by Dan Marsala of The Story of The Year)
4. The Raconteur
5. Hang on Love
6. The Wildest Ocean
7. Mors Tua Nos Vita
8. Kill Any Excuse
9. Heartbreak In Melody
10. Don’t Let Me Down
11. Young and Dangerous
12. Distance and Resolution