Gwen Stefani’s Style Examined

US Weekly talked to No Doubt singer Gwen Stefani about her innovative dress style.

Stefani tells the mag, “Being in a band, you can wear whatever you want – it’s like an excuse for Halloween every day.”

Regis Behe Talks To Built To Spill

Ahead of their concert at Rosebud in Pittsburgh on Wednesday, columnist Regis Behe talked to Built To Spill’s Doug Martsch. Martsch admits he creates music in a pretty freestyle matter saying, “I just goof around on the guitar until I stumble across things. I never set out to make any kind of music at all. And then it all kind of falls into place.”

Martsch also says trying to label a band like his is a problem too admitting, “I don’t know what we sound like, either because there are lots of things going on. But I feel that way about lots of bands. And, we’re one of the last bands that sounds original.” has since removed the article.

Slash Visits Howard Stern Friday

Following his appearance as a guest member of the band behind the Conan O’Brien show, Max Weinberg and the Weinberg 7, Slash appeared on the Howard Stern Show this morning. Presumably they’ll have him on E! later today.


U2 Talks To MTV’s Gideon Follwing Vanguard Award

U2 'The Unforgettable Fire'

MTV’s Gideon talked to Bono and The Edge following the Video Music Awards last night where they revealed they thought the award was premature.

I am lucky enough to be with true video vanguard winners, u2, thank you so much for joining me. You won the video vanguard award which we give out each year who to someone who blows away competition over a whole time span. What did you feel like to take that home?

The Edge:
We have always felt that our video, archive is a bit mixed so on one level is felt like a great honor but not only did we feel that maybe it was a little premature but also felt quite humbled that mtv would choose us for this award, because I’m not sure we feel we deserve it ultimately. I mean we have had one or two good videos but a lot of the time, what you would think, Bono?

Which ones do you regret, then?

Well, most of them i mean is the truth. This is like two or three i think are okay, but a lot of them.

I find them e excruciating myself but then again edge wants to remix every u2 record we have ever made and no one likes seeing their own photograph, do you? Summer snaps come home and wow he’s right out there. And you know, yes we’re interested in the format, it’s been exciting for us to get a chance to play with, you know videos and some great directors out there, and theon koshin and people we worked with, spike jones there tonight. People are using these things and making something very special with them. But and I think we have made some special videos.

I agree 150% and I… and i think a lot of people do and that’s why you got award.

Alien Ant Farm TRL Photos

Alien Ant Farm performed on Total Request Live yesterday on MTV. For 7 photos of the performance from New York’s Lincoln Center, click here.

AP Profiles System Of A Down

For those of you unfamiliar with System of A Down, the Associated Press talked to the band where guitarist Daron Malakian said the band’s eclectic sound gives them a freedom apart from other bands. Daron admits, “It’s cool for us because it lets us express every single one of our emotions — anger, love, depression — along with politics and sexuality.We’re a band that sells records, but we’re not a band that sells records that’s confined to any one thing.” Read more.

Staind Performs On Howard Stern Today

If you get E! you should be able to watch highlights of Staind’s interview/performance on the Howard Stern show this morning. The band also will perform tonight on the Video Music Awards.