P. Roach Win RMA

won the Radio Music Award on Friday for ‘Rock Alternative Song of the Year’ for their hit ‘Last Resort’. Kobe Dick and David Buckner accepted as Kobe said, “Well, every time I’ve received or not me, but the band has received one of these, I’m usually drunk and act like a complete idiot when I receive it. So I’m sober. So today is a good night. So I can actually make sense. And I’d like to say thanks to first and foremost, my man D-boy on the drums. Tobin and Jerry on the guitar. They couldn’t be here. Dreamworks Records. I’m dumbfounds right now. Family, friends. Everybody that comes to our shows, that bought our album. We are going in to write another record and this is an awesome way to kind of leave the year. So thank you very much!” Buckner then spoke in Spanish… I think.

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