Ozzy Went Through Nervous Breakdown Last Summer

fell off the wagon last summer after his wife Sharon was diagnosed with colon cancer, briefly bailing out of the 2002 Ozzfest tour to be with her. But he was so distraught, he could barely function, and his then-ailing, now-healthy wife ordered him to return to Ozzfest while she underwent treatment in Los Angeles. “I don’t have much recollection of the last Ozzfest because I truly went through a nervous breakdown. I emotionally and physically imploded,” Osbourne recalled to Steppin’ Out magazine. “My plan was always I go (die) first and she, you know, it’s like my mind has a drawing of my family in my head, and it was all (bleeped) up. I never dreamed of my wife going before me. Only now am I getting myself back together. I find physical exercise helped me a great deal, and I’ve started writing music again…I think love – in any crisis – if you can love, it’s the best medicine you can have.”

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