Ozzy Still Amazed By Success Of ‘The Osbournes’

Ed Masley of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette caught up with for a wide-ranging interview, and asked about the success of ‘The Osbournes’ MTV reality show. “I just don’t understand it. I don’t go ‘Oh, today I’m gonna pick up a reality show, and it’s going to be the biggest thing since sliced bread,'” Ozzy admitted. “I haven’t got a clue. It’s as if it’s all been meant to be that way. I keep saying to Sharon ‘How long is this [bleeping] thing gonna last?’ And she’ll go ‘We’ll know.’ Every year, it gets bigger. We played Hartford last night. [Bleeping] maximum capacity crowd. It was like a [bleeping] sauna up on stage, but it was [bleeping] great.” Read more.

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