Ozzy Osbourne Talks Future, Japan & TV Show

Fred Varcoe of the Japan Times spoke with about any plans on coming to Japan or having Ozzfest invade the country, his MTV reality show, and his future. On his future, Ozzy said, “I was asked if I would still be doing this at 35; I said yeah. At 45? Yeah. At 55? Well, I’m 53 now, so yeah. And at 65? Well, maybe, yeah — unless the plane goes down on Tuesday. There’s no rule saying you can’t rock ‘n’ roll at 60. If there’s an audience out there and they want to hear me, then it’s OK. If my fans fall by the wayside, if I’m playing to 25 people in The Whiskey on Sunset and I’m not enjoying it any more, then I won’t do it any more.” The full story at japantimes.co.jp has since been removed.

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