Ozzy Osbourne ‘Pissed Off’ Over Broken Leg

David J. Criblez of The Island Ear spoke with who sounded rather upset on the phone speaking of his broken leg as he explained, ” I’m pissed off, man! I broke my f–kin’ leg! We moved into this f–kin’ new house with all these f–kin’ electronic gizmos. I get up during the night to take a leak, right? There can’t just be an ‘on and off’ switch in my house, everything’s gotta be like f–kin’ Star Trek with ten buttons. Therefore, I slipped in the bathroom. The next morning I’m in pain and I said to myself, ‘I must have hurt my f–kin’ leg.’ So I go on tour and the pain starts gettin’ worse and I got doctors at gig and sh**. They told me it was a sprain and to ice it and take anti-inflammatories. But once we x-rayed it, we realized that I fractured the bone in my leg. I hate being in this situation because my mind wants to go but my body won’t let me. If anything brought me ‘down to earth’ it’s was my right f–kin’ leg. But I guess it’s all in the hands of God now.” Islandear.com has since removed the transcript.

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