Ozzy Osbourne Dumps Water To Hide Bladder Problem

Jim DeRogatis of Salon.com wrote a rather negative article on and wife Sharon, talking about how he’s lost his ‘cool’ and become a ‘clown’. DeRogatis asks, “You want reality? Noticeably absent from the show’s frequent mocking of Ozzy is any discussion of his bladder problems, which have long been legend in the rock world. The reason Oz continually dumps buckets of water on himself through his concerts is to mask the fact that he’s peeing in his pants, according to some who are in the unenviable position to know. A friend of mine who once visited the Osbourne manse reports that Ozzy has a ‘special bathroom’ whose walls are lined with rubber because his aim is so bad. Somehow, MTV’s cameras have avoided showing us all that.” Salon.com has since removed the article.

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6 thoughts on “Ozzy Osbourne Dumps Water To Hide Bladder Problem

  1. Kaci says:

    Yeah, poor Ozzy, one of my friends recently went to one of his concerts, and he was dumping buckets on himself. He even admitted to having this problem, but who cares Ozzy is still awesome. It kinda makes me feel bad for him, but at least he’s still willing to go out and do his concerts; that’s pretty brave.

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