Ozzy Dupes Parents And Fans Being Portrayed As A Fool

Kurt Hernon of the Cleveland Free Times profiled ahead of today’s Ozzfest stop at Blossom Music Center. Hernon writes, “In the afterglow of MTV’s runaway television success with ‘The Osbournes’ – the television diary of madman Ozzy Osbourne’s day-to-day life – you’d have to figure that the past three decades’ worth of timid parents who’d always feared Ozzy Osbourne truly was rock ‘n’ roll’s Prince of Darkness feel duped. After all, the program has effectively portrayed Osbourne as a fool, a stumbling and stammering buffoon, and the real-life version of Homer Simpson. And while those who’d always found something to fear in Osbourne and his music might feel foolish that they ever had, what about the ones who’d always bought into Osbourne’s shtick? Are Osbourne’s music fans being cheated by his fool’s parade also, or have they always figured the guy for a clown in the devil’s costume?” Freetimes.com has since removed the article.

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