Ozzy And Sharon Osbourne Visit Howard Stern

and his wife Sharon visited Howard Stern this morning to promote Ozzy’s new album, ‘Down to Earth.’ Sharon has lost over 90 pounds in two years after having a rubber band put around her stomach, but Ozzy says the thing makes her puke every time she eats too much.

Ozzy admits he takes 15 Viagra and munches on them like candy and because he’s an addict, he overuses it like any other drug. Ozzy was complaining though that the two don’t have sex very much and said it was even longer than the one month timeframe Sharon said was the last time they made love.

Ozzy admitted one time he got so high in Japan that he took a Japanese girl back to his hotel room but forgot that Sharon was at the room. Sharon knocked out the Japanese chick and slammed a picture frame over Ozzy’s head. Ozzy said he hadn’t cheated on Sharon since perhaps the 70’s and was worried about not only Sharon’s reaction, but getting diseases.

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