Ozzfest Rebounds In A Big Way

Joshua Klein of the Chicago Tribune was on hand at the Tweeter Center Saturday for Ozzfest. After commenting on some opening acts, Klein said “everything paled before Slayer, whose warp speeds and unrelenting aggression have made its music timeless; few have yet to match it. With virtuoso drummer Dave Lombardo back in the fold, the incredible precision and overdriven assault of songs such as the group’s classic ‘Raining Blood’ felt like being on the receiving end of a truck spewing tons of rattling munitions. Compared to Slayer, sounded very much the midtempo relic. But that’s the point: The legendary British band’s reunion with singer Rob Halford is one of the reasons fans are calling this installment of Ozzfest the best one yet, and Priest stuck to a greatest-hits set that placated old (in every sense) fans while turning on newcomers to its hummable hard rock hooks and the twin-guitar attack of K.K. Downing and Glenn Tipton.” Chicagotribune.com has since removed the article.

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