Ozzfest And Warped Sell Well, Lollapalooza Suffers

HitsDailyDouble.com reports that the two tours with the most solid branding this summer—Ozzfest and Warped—are doing the best business in this crowded market. Interestingly, though, ticket sales for Lollapalooza, the prototype package tour, are suffering. “The Warped Tour appeals to a very specific audience that knows exactly what the day is going to be about, knows how much music they’re going to get, what the experience is going to be—and it’s priced low enough that all of these other factors don’t matter,” CAA head of music Rob Light explained. “In the case of Ozzfest, the tour is probably down a little bit, but here again, it’s easy to reach that audience. With Lollapalooza, even though it’s a great show, I don’t think the name has quite the same impact we all assume it does. To an 18-20-year-old kid who’s into and Jurassic 5, it doesn’t have the same meaning. And there’s a whole generation of kids who don’t know who Jane’s Addiction is and what Lollapalooza is about. I also think the stations that Lollapalooza needed to help promote them are so busy promoting their own shows that they haven’t even gotten to it yet.”

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