Osbournes Fire Back At Ted Nugent After Diss

Jack and Sharon Osbourne shot back at following his comments to the New York Post earlier this week where he said of the family’s hit TV show ‘The Osbournes’, “I think it’s an indictment to the soulessness of modern man that we get a kick out of witnessing a magnificent creature reduced to a blithering hopeless idiot.” Sharon said she would “cut his [penis] off” if she ever met Nugent, while son Jack said, “He’s got nothing better to do than to hunt an animal in a forest with a bow and arrow.” Ozzy was more diplomatic saying, “I don’t agree with the way he [hunts] . . . but I don’t spout off about him. I respect him very dearly as a musician.”

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2 thoughts on “Osbournes Fire Back At Ted Nugent After Diss

  1. M_In_O_Town says:

    I lost my respect for him after finding out that he supports the racist Tea Party.

  2. TStock says:

    I am not a member of the ” Tea party ” nor am I a Republican. Myself I get tired of the Tea party being labeled as “racist”. There is no information that offers proof to that claim. I am a liberal on social issues and still believe in the constitution. I was raised by and with racists and learned at a young age racism is moronic and based in ones own insecurity. My point is this : lets call racism when it is racism if not we water down that term down and it defeats the purpose. F.Y.I. I am a 50 year old white man who has experienced racism all around and call it out when I see it. Lastly I am not a member of either party as I see both parties so corrupt that the act of voting seems a waste of time.

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