Opeth Mainman Reacts To Bus Driver’s Arrest

mainman Mikael Åkerfeldt has posted the following message on the group’s official web site: “As reported on Blabbermouth, our busdriver on the last North American tour was arrested in Tampa/St. Petersburg, FL for ‘unlawful activity with a minor.’ Basically, we’re appalled by the fact that we’d employed this bastard and even more disgusted by his deeds and obviously we will be much more detailed in our background check for future employments. The driver introduced himself only as ‘Rod’ and seemed like a nice guy, even though for us he was just another driver, and a bad one as well! He said he owned a trailer company and that he was a drummer, playing with TED NUGENT and several other bands in the ’70s. We got suspicious that he couldn’t get into Canada (we had another driver there) due to some previous drug ‘misdemeanors.’ Myself and Peter [Lindgren; guitars] met him and the girl in the elevator of the hotel where he introduced her as his niece. She seemed distant, asking us if we smoked pot. ‘Rod’ told us he was driving her to Los Angeles. After the gig, he never returned to the bus and then we got the news that he’d been arrested. Luckily for us one of Nevermore’s crew was able to drive us back to the hotel. The next day the FBI stopped our tour manager outside the bus with a warrant to search the bus for ‘Rod’s’ laptop and camera. We feel genuinely happy that he is caught and behind bars where we hope he will stay for a long time.”

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