Opeth Frontman Mocks Lordi After Eurovision Victory

frontman Mikael Åkerfeldt has commented on ’s surprise Eurovision Song Contest victory, which marked Finland’s first Eurovision victory in 45 years. Asked by an Opeth fan on the band’s official forum what he thought of Lordi winning the contest, Mikael replied, “Haha! I love watching that! This year there were quite a few decent songs and one amazing song…Bosnia/Herzegovina!! Song was called ‘Leila’, or something like that, and I fu**ing loved it! Will buy the single (in secrecy…)! There was one melody theme in there that was amazing. The guy had a fantastic voice too! Epic sh**!! Sweden had a seasoned singer competing called Carola, who is practically the only superstar we have here. She can SING! I’ve always fancied her, ever since I was a kid, and she can SING! Don’t tell the metalheads I said that…errr…too late! Lordi? Come on now, what am I, 5 years old??”

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