Opeth Frontman Expands On Killswitch Critique

frontman Mikael Akerfeldt has commented on the negative reaction to the remarks he made to Australia’s Time Off magazine about the state of today’s metal scene. “The quote is a bit misleading,” he said. “I don’t particulary like Killswitch but have nothing against them really. All I was saying that I don’t see the same quality in them as I do in Priest or Maiden. Partly because they were innovators and [] to me sounds like a rehashed version of what’s been going on in Sweden for 16 years or more. Had you lived in Sweden, you’d share my opinion on that I’m pretty sure. Then the thing with the boy-band comment…was not addressed to [Killswitch Engage] but an observation of the overall ‘nu’ or whatever metalcore scene in the U.S. And here I stick to my guns… I will not deny anyone liking these bands and what the fu** would they care what I think is good or bad anyways.” Read more.

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