OneRepublic Furious After Myspace Gets Hacked

checked in with fans on their blog at Myspace on Thursday (September 20), fuming about their Myspace account being hacked. They write:


So…… we got a number of calls…and emails yesterday (wednesday) saying for about a 30-60 minute window of time late in the afternoon our songs on MySpace suddenly became available for download. Someone hacked our page and as a result every song but “Apologize” has been removed now. In addition to our songs being downloadable on myspace, some jackass posted a link to his own URL that contained mp3’s of the 8 songs we have kept up on MySpace for months now. Apparently this cyber-jackass used software to rip our songs ILLEGALY and post them for free.

Our thoughts on this…..

If any band/artist has embraced the internet as it’s “home” it is US. We have WELCOMED it…..We ‘are’ the band that developed without a record label or any kind of marketing machine behind it. No tricks, no money exchanged, just emails, comments, shows…and songs. We represent the new paradigm of music promotion, as much, or more than anyone. This is evident in the fact that without “any” album release or so much as ‘one’ song off our album being available for purchase in 2 1/2 years of us being on myspace, we’ve consistently been one of the top 3 or 4 acts in Myspace and the 1 act for a long time now BECAUSE OF YOU GUYS!!

We realize how music has evolved…it’s bigger and more pervasive than ever, yet it’s more intangible than ever. It’s the soundtrack to your lives, yet it’s no longer something you need to hold to grasp. This new paradigm, however, has helped shape and make us what we are today, & we couldn’t be more appreciative. We have kept double the amount of songs (8) posted for over a year now just to give our supporters something more to listen to… help pass the time until our album ‘officially’ comes out. A lot of you know our story, we worked, we signed, we made an album, we got dropped, we worked some more, we added to the album, we got signed again (thank God to Interscope). We are so close…a matter of weeks away. Any fool knows that you can find virtually anything for free to download on the internet. Songs, movies, books, photos, you name it. We get that. But certain things have a value.

Our goal as a band is to actually offer you guys an album, a body of work that is “worth” purchasing the entire thing….as a “body of work”. NOT because you like the 1st single…or the 2nd…or the 3rd. But because you can start the album at track 1 and let it play through track 12 without having to skip songs.

All of us can remember getting CD’s for birthdays or Christmas, or spending what little money you have as a kid on an album, only to find out you only really like 2 songs…or for that matter there’s only 2 or 3 songs that are “listenable” on an album. You don’t have to be a kid to experience it, it happens at all ages. It sucks. We realize music is subjective from person to person, tastes change. Despite this we have poured everything we have into making the ‘absolute best’ collection of songs we are physically capable of on this album. Song one through twelve. Anything less would be doing ‘you’ a disservice, and selling ourselves short. You’ve stuck with us for years now, many of you, and we can’t thank you enough, we owe you something exceptional.

Music is what what we do, it’s how we live, it’s what keeps us afloat day in and day out. This blog is intended simply to say ‘thank you’ for sticking with us……’thank you’ for making us 1 on this crazy thing that is MySpace, the barometer of pop culture…..’thank you’ for the constant emails and comments…..’thank you’ for the barrage of emails, calls and votes that have shot us to 1 at stations all over the country on radio in the last 2-3 weeks. And ‘thank you’ in advance for picking up our album which we have waited so long to release, and which is finally coming out. It makes all the hurry up and wait worth it. We’re simple guys, we want 2 things. If you like the music we’re making, come see us at a show, and/or take home the music. No amount of technology or changes in the music business will change that. Albums. Concerts. Simple.

Sorry for the longwinded blog, it’s just completely taken us by surprise that someone would steal something that we’ve been offering basically for free for so long. And to the guy that ripped all our songs off our myspace page and hacked our site. You’re an asshole; thanks for placing no value on music, and even less value on integrity. The more people like you that strip music of it’s worth, the less music there will be in the world that has any worth. …Think about that. And BECAUSE OF YOU we have been forced to remove the majority of all our songs on MySpace. So thnx a bunch. Keep up your MySpace hacking skills, girls love it, and it gives you something to do when you’re not playing D&D!

To try and make up for the situation we are going to post a few songs up, some rarer cuts and some other stuff that hasn’t been heard in a while to provide more than ‘1’ song to listen to, but unfortunately can no longer keep up the 8 songs (or alot of songs ‘on’ the upcoming album) we’ve been maintaining thanks to the hacker. So sorry. BUT THE GOOD NEWS IS…..Our album is dropping THIS fall, we will be announcing the actual date so soon it almost pains us to not say it right now….it’s a matter of weeks now.

Keep listening, keep telling your friends, keep voting at your local radio stations, you’ve got us where we are, and you will take us wherever we go. thank U.

And please, however tempting it is, we ask that anyone with the computer nerdery to strip these songs off our site please refrain, or we will have to go down to ‘1’ song…permanently. Sorry again to all our friends and fans about the incovenience….we’ve already gotten a ridiculous amount of emails and comments about this, and this is the best we can do…..temporarily.


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