ohGr ‘maJiK’ Video Prompts Outrage

Conservatives are up in arms after seeing the new video from ohGr, ‘maJiK’, on MTV. A letter on petitiononline.com addressed to MTV Networks says, “We the following feel shocked and appauled that MTV would air a music video that would show our president in a negative light in America’s time of need. On several occasions a video has been shown for a song called Majik by a group called Ohgr that shows the president of the United States, George W. Bush, as he stands upon a large podium and delivers a speech using simiar mannerisms as Adolf Hitler himself. Almost as offensive is the fact that the video shows all Americans as hypnotised zombies. We are deeply offended by this video that not only offends the leader of the United States but the American people as well. The fact that MTV would show such anti-American footage during America’s time of need deeply offends us all. We request that Ohgr’s Majik video be removed from rotation on MTV and the MTV2 networks.”

The petition at petitiononline.com has since been removed. Watch the video via YouTube below.

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One thought on “ohGr ‘maJiK’ Video Prompts Outrage

  1. Kevin says:

    So, just because they show Bush making a speech on a podium, he’s suddenly like Hitler? Also, just because the people walking are hypnotized by glasses, they’re Americans?

    I think they’re overreacting to this.

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