Oasis Look To Stick Around A Long Time

Oasis publicity photo

Readers of The Sun’s Something For The Weekend submitted questions to in a Q&A, including one asking how long the band plan to keep going. “I dunno. I didn’t join the band to split up,” Liam Gallagher responded. “I joined the band because I like being in a band and I like to make music. If the tunes are fu**ing good and we all look half-decent, then people will want to buy the records. I still love everything about it. This is what I like doing and it never gets boring. So who knows, man? All those bands that split up after a couple of records, well, they can suck my ****! I love singing Our Kid’s songs and I love doing the gigs. I like the way our band’s perceived and we’ve got the best fans in the world. So why would you not like it? I’ve got nothing in common with other bands — wearing their tight kecks and pointy shoes.” Read more.

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