Norah Jones Is Shirley Manson’s Kind Of Girl

Garbage singer Shirley Manson made a comment to fellow artist Norah Jones that many would’ve thought was a nasty insult, but wasn’t. Shirley writes, “I met the lovely Norah Jones who was rather shy at first but very sweet and didn’t even blink an eye when I dramatically announced that upon hearing her sing for the first time I had wanted to vomit.
It was only much later on and upon reflection that I realised my compliment (which it most undoubtably was meant to be) might not have sounded like one! I explained to her later that I had used the phrase ‘wanted to vomit’ in the sense that I had been so utterly taken with her singing and was so spellbound by it that I had felt great inner turmoil. She smiled languidly at me, touched me on the shoulder and said, with the loveliest manner in the world, ‘I know exactly what you mean. Don’t worry.” And I decided right there and then that I was bound to Ms Jones for life, will defend her tiny bones to the end and buy each and every sound recording she ever makes in this life cause she’s my kind of girl.”

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