NOFX’s Fat Mike Is The President’s Worst Nightmare

Fat Mike, founder of and Fat Wreck Chords, spoke with Jeff Inman of Las Vegas City Life about, the PunkVoter tours and releasing the first in a string of Rock Against Bush compilations. Asked why he doesn’t take a nonpartisan approach, Fat Mike responded, “Because the media isn’t nonpartisan. FOX News, MSNBC — where are people to the left getting their message? They’re not. We need to get our message out there. And we’ve been having a lot of luck doing that. I’ve been doing a lot of radio interviews lately and I’ve actually been turning some people. I got a radio programmer who said he supported Bush to turn the other day. Most average Americans who support the president don’t know what he’s really done. When you tell them, they change their minds.” The full story at has since been removed.

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