Noel Recalls Listening To ‘Be Here Now’ Without Coke

Stephen Dowling of the New Zealand Herald spoke with brother Noel Gallagher about the time about a year ago that he played ‘Be Here Now’ without being on cocaine. Noel explained, “I shouldn’t have even bothered writing it. Should have had a year off. I think all the music and all the chord changes are great. But the lyrics are appalling. So I put it on. And two minutes into the album ‘D’You Know What I Mean’ still hasn’t started. At that point I was starting to look at the speakers pretty uneasily. We get to the end of ‘D’You Know What I Mean’ after about half an hour. By the third song I was starting to itch and feel uncomfortable. Every time there’s a word not being sung there’s a guitar line. I got to five tracks in and it was [expletive] rubbish. Off it went.” has since removed the article.

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