Noel Gallagher Unleashes On Radiohead And Blur

Jane Stevenson of the Toronto Sun chatted with star Noel Gallagher who again is going off on other artists – this time his favorite targets and . “Oh, listen, Blur and Radiohead, I actually like their music, it’s purely personal,” he says. “I just think (Radiohead) are fu**in’ miserable bastards. I think that their attitude leaves a lot to be desired. They’re like, ‘Don’t interview me, don’t photograph me, but please buy records.’ If ever there was a bad advert for being in a group, it’s that lot, because being in a group should be a celebration.” As for Blur, he fumed, “I could talk about him all fu**in’ day, if you like. He’s faking it. (Albarn’s side project Gorillaz) is fake music by a fake band. It’s fake. It’s fast-foot music, isn’t it?” has since removed the article.

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2 thoughts on “Noel Gallagher Unleashes On Radiohead And Blur

  1. Mariam says:

    Mr. Gallagher is miserable prick with a god complex (not sure why?)

  2. Mat says:

    I find it funny how Noel Prosecutes Radiohead for being all, don’t film me, buy or album etc, when he himself goes on TV and big-notes himself like he’s king sh** of the sh**ty sh**s, yet they have an image of being this band that was for the working class, I’m better than you, but I make it look like I write songs about you buy my album.

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